Going Abroad

Signed copy of Shipping Order – download here
If your vehicle is paid off:
  • You will need the original title to present to U.S. Customs. The title will be returned to you via certified mail
If your vehicle is not paid for and currently has a lien:
  • You will need an original signed and notarized Letter of Permission to ship overseas from the line holder (fax or copies will not be accepted)
  • You will need a notarized copy of the title (front and back);
    • In the case that the title is already electronically filed with the state and the bank can not provide you a notarized copy of the title, you will need an original DMV Transcript certified by the DMV (Title Record)
1 Copy of Military / Government I.D. Card (front and back)
1 Copy of PCS Orders
1 Copy of Marriage License if in Spouses name only
1 Copy of Power of Attorney if other than Spouse of Service Member

Back to USA

  • Signed copy of Shipping Order must be received prior to your desired shipping date
  • 1 Copy of PCS Orders
  • 1 Copy of US Title or U.S. Vehicle Registration
  • 1 Copy of Bill of Sale or Proforma Invoice
  • 1 Copy of Miltiary ID Card (front and back)
  • 1 Copy of Marriage License (if POV is in spouse name and spouse not on orders)
  • 1 Copy of Power of Attorney if Service Member or Spouse is not turning in
  • Form 3299 – download here
  • EPA Form 3520 – download here
  • DOT HS Form 7 – download here
  • Treasury Form – download here

Preparing your POV for Shipment

  • Vehicle must be thoroughly clean inside AND out
  • Less than a ¼ tank of fuel, cannot be above ¼ Tank
  • Spare tire (2only) jack and lug wrench
  • Only factory installed items. No personal effects
  • Only tools that came with the vehicle are allowed (NO TOOL BOXES)
  • Only roof racks installed by the auto manufacturer
  • No tailgate nets, covers, bras
  • No extra speakers, or equalizers if not bolted
  • No decorative ornaments
  • All seat covers will be removed
  • Remove license plates (recommended)
  • Keys must be provided for all compartments to include tire locks (Department of Homeland Security Inspects all compartments and will detain any vehicle without access to a locked compartment)
  • Alarm system must be disengaged prior to shipment when possible
  • 1 Copy of Power of Attorney if other than Spouse of Service Member
**It is possible that U.S. Customs duty & charges of approximately 2.7% of the vehicle value will be additional and for your account if you do not possess DOD PCS


Vehicle Type:
**Need help determining your vehicle size?  Click here
If you are interested in a U.S door pick up or delivery service, please complete the above request to the nearest port to your residence and there will be instructions on the next screen to request this service.
Unfortunately, we are unable to calculate your vehicle dimensions. Please send an email to to request a rate.

Your Shipping Rate
Please fill out the below form to receive quote by email to confirm rate for 30 days and to receive additional details on how to proceed with booking.

If you’re interested in our door pick up or door delivery service, please submit the above form and instructions will be provided on how to request this service.

For shipments requested to a U.S. or Overseas PORT (signified by destination city names ending in “PORT”, for example “Destination: BREMERHAVEN PORT”), the rate provided includes: Export Customs Formalities, Export Terminal Fees, Export Loading Fees, Shipping to Destination Port Excludes: Destination Custom Formalities, Destination Terminal Fees, Unloading Fees at Destination, Any import duties/ taxes that you may owe at destination** For all other destination inquiries, please note the rate Includes: Export and Import Customs Formalities, Export and Import Terminal Fees, Loading and Unloading Fees, Shipping to Destination Port, Trucking to Destination city* *We will do our best to deliver to your residence but it may be to the nearest customs house for final clearance. This will be confirmed at time of booking Excludes: Any import duties/ taxes that you may owe at destination** **Please note Military Personnel or DOD Civilians PCS’ing on travel orders are normally excluded from customs duty and sales taxes at the destination country. Any Excluded Charges can be provided upon request or at time of booking. Rates do not include Marine Insurance. Marine Insurance is available at 1.2% of the vehicle value (minimum of $180) for all risk coverage and a 1% deductible. Please check with your current auto insu

Thank You!

Our goal is to make the shipping process as simple as possible. After you request the rate to be emailed to you, the email you receive will include our booking form and will detail what documents will be required for shipment. You can reply to that email with your completed booking form, copies of required documents, and desired drop off date.

If you are interested in our door pick up and / or delivery service, you can request that service by responding to the email you received. Feel free to call the number listed in the email if you need any assistance completed the booking form or if you have any general questions you need answered.