Why Us

Trans Global has been moving Personal Operating Vehicles for U.S. Service Members for over 20 years so we understand your needs and expectations. Our mission is to make sure the shipment of your vehicle is a positive experience, that you receive superior service, and peace of mind.

We work closely with IAL and your transportation offices to insure you get comprehensive information and a swift service. This website is designed to provide you all the information you need to ship your vehicle and even provide you the shipping cost! You’re even able to book the shipment right from the site! Of course, we are only a phone call or email away for any questions you need answers to so feel free to reach out to us.



Vehicle Type:
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If you are interested in a U.S door pick up or delivery service, please complete the above request to the nearest port to your residence and there will be instructions on the next screen to request this service.
Unfortunately, we are unable to calculate your vehicle dimensions. Please send an email to info@tgal.us to request a rate.

Your Shipping Rate
Please fill out the below form to receive quote by email to confirm rate for 30 days and to receive additional details on how to proceed with booking.

If you’re interested in our door pick up or door delivery service, please submit the above form and instructions will be provided on how to request this service.

For shipments requested to a U.S. or Overseas PORT (signified by destination city names ending in “PORT”, for example “Destination: BREMERHAVEN PORT”), the rate provided includes: Export Customs Formalities, Export Terminal Fees, Export Loading Fees, Shipping to Destination Port Excludes: Destination Custom Formalities, Destination Terminal Fees, Unloading Fees at Destination, Any import duties/ taxes that you may owe at destination** For all other destination inquiries, please note the rate Includes: Export and Import Customs Formalities, Export and Import Terminal Fees, Loading and Unloading Fees, Shipping to Destination Port, Trucking to Destination city* *We will do our best to deliver to your residence but it may be to the nearest customs house for final clearance. This will be confirmed at time of booking Excludes: Any import duties/ taxes that you may owe at destination** **Please note Military Personnel or DOD Civilians PCS’ing on travel orders are normally excluded from customs duty and sales taxes at the destination country. Any Excluded Charges can be provided upon request or at time of booking. Rates do not include Marine Insurance. Marine Insurance is available at 1.2% of the vehicle value (minimum of $180) for all risk coverage and a 1% deductible. Please check with your current auto insu

Thank You!

Our goal is to make the shipping process as simple as possible. After you request the rate to be emailed to you, the email you receive will include our booking form and will detail what documents will be required for shipment. You can reply to that email with your completed booking form, copies of required documents, and desired drop off date.

If you are interested in our door pick up and / or delivery service, you can request that service by responding to the email you received. Feel free to call the number listed in the email if you need any assistance completed the booking form or if you have any general questions you need answered.