Roll-On Roll-Off ships are car carrier vessels specially built for shipping rolling wheeled cargo, more specifically – shipping passenger vehicles, motorcycles, motorhomes, trucks, boats and larger high and heavy construction, road building and agriculture equipment.  The vehicles are driven into the inside belly of the ship, which is built like a parking garage with different levels and where the different heights to accommodate the size of the cargo being loaded.

Once loaded and stowed on the vessel, each vehicle is securely tied down.  RoRo ships do not stow vehicles on the outside deck of the ship and therefore all cargo is inside the ship during the ocean transit.

RoRo Shipping is the New Automobile Manufacturers preferred shipping method of new vehicles due to the RoRo method being a highly efficient and cost effective way of shipping vehicles.



  • Cost Effective
  • Regular Vessel Sailings
  • Destination Terminal Handling Charges (DTHC) are less expensive than Container DTHC


  • When delivering to the port a TWIC Card is required (Military ID Holders are allowed entry without a TWIC Card)
  • Inspection reports are not provided by the steamship lines
  • Handled and driven on and off the ships by Union Stevedore workers at the Port Terminals
  • Parked and stored outdoors exposed to the elements until loaded onto the ship
  • Greater risk of pilferage / theft
  • Only factory issued items and accessories can be shipped with the vehicle
  • When needing to ship a non-operational vehicle, some RoRo carriers will not accept a non-op vehicle – towing or forklifting would be required.

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