A shared container service offers a cost-effective shipping solution to many destinations world-wide.  Depending on the size of the vehicles, normally 3 to 4 vehicles are loaded into a shared container.  For larger vehicles, pick-ups and large SUV’s, it may only be 2 to 3 vehicles maximum that can be loaded.

Consolidation can cause longer departure times due to the fact the container must be filled prior to departure.  Unlike RoRo, where we can book and ship a single car, if we need to have 3 vehicles in order to fill a container consolidation, the shipment may take longer.

Shared container shipping has its advantages in terms of cost-effectiveness from the U.S. because shipping costs are split among the vehicles loaded into the container.

Customers can also ship additional items in the truck or the backseat of their vehicle, which is not allowed in RoRo shipping.

** For older vintage classic cars, Container shipping is the recommended means of transportation due to less handling, safety and security of the vehicle.



  • We receive vehicles at our warehouse locations and store the vehicles inside until ready to ship
  • Personal goods can be left in the backseat and/or trunk of the vehicle (excludes hazardous goods, alcohol and liquids of any form).
  • Photos are taken at time of receipt and a complete inspection is done
  • Vehicles are not handled by Union Stevedore workers
  • Vehicles are handled less and driven less
  • Vehicles are not outside in the elements
  • Photos are taken prior to loading and during loading
  • We use proprietary 3rd party tested lashing that is properly torqued, tested and exceeds load requirements
  • Less handling – means less potential damage
  • Non-operational vehicles can be shipped more easily via container


  • Shipping times can be longer when waiting for a consolidation
  • Destination charges are more expensive due to the container having to be transported to and from the unloading warehouse, unloading charges, port terminal charges are more expensive than RoRo

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shared container shipping
shared container shipping