Top 3 Things to Do Before Military Car Shipping

When it comes to transporting your vehicle, especially in military contexts, meticulous preparation is key to ensure a smooth and secure process. Whether you’re relocating for duty, moving across the country with your military family, or acquiring a specialized military vehicle, adhering to these three essential steps will streamline your military car shipping experience.

  1. Verify the Transport Company’s Credentials

Before entrusting your valuable military vehicle to any transport company, it’s imperative to confirm their legitimacy and reliability. Ensure that the company is registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and possesses a Motor Carrier Number issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). This step ensures compliance with federal regulations and provides a level of assurance regarding the company’s credibility. If the company hesitates to provide proof of registration or isn’t listed on official government databases, exercise caution and explore other options to safeguard your military vehicle.

  1. Check for International Shipping Compliance

For military personnel involved in overseas deployments or relocations, adherence to international shipping regulations is paramount. When arranging for international military car shipping, verify that the chosen provider is registered with the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC). This accreditation signifies thorough vetting and licensing, mitigating potential risks associated with overseas transportation. By prioritizing FMC-registered providers, you can ensure the safe and efficient delivery of your military vehicle to its destination, minimizing logistical complications and safeguarding its integrity.

  1. Properly Prepare Your Military Vehicle

Preparing your military vehicle adequately prior to shipping is crucial for minimizing risks and ensuring its safe arrival. Take proactive measures such as removing all loose items from the interior and trunk, including any aftermarket exterior features like spoilers, which should be shipped separately for added protection. Conduct a thorough cleaning of the vehicle inside and out, documenting its condition with photographs for reference. Additionally, adhere to guidelines regarding fuel levels, typically requiring the tank to be emptied to a quarter of its capacity. This not only complies with shipping regulations but also reduces the vehicle’s weight and associated costs, optimizing the efficiency of the shipping process.

We’re Your Trusted Military Car Shipping Partner

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