Insuring Your Vehicle: Understanding Options for POV Shipping

Shipping a privately owned vehicle (POV) can be a daunting experience, especially when moving across countries or continents.  Among the various logistical considerations, one that stands out is ensuring that your vehicle remains protected throughout the shipping process.  As with most valuables, insurance is the safety net we rely on.  In the realm of POV Shipping, understanding your insurance options becomes even more critical.

Why is Insurance Crucial for POV Shipping?

Unlike when you are shipping your vehicle across the country with a motor carriers, which are required by law to have insurance coverage for up to $1,000,000 for vehicles it’s hauling so in the event of damages a consumer can file a claim with the trucker’s insurance company and the insurance company would pay for the damages, International Shipping doesn’t work that way.  The Carriage of Goods by Sea Act (COGSA) limits a carrier’s liability and all of the carrier’s subcontractors to a maximum liability of $500.  Any time your vehicle is in transit, it’s exposed to potential risks.  These risks can range from natural elements like weather conditions to unforeseen accidents or mishandling during transport.  With the complexities of international transport, such as loading and unloading at ports or customs checks, the likelihood of potential mishaps increases and due to COGSA, without marine insurance, your vehicle is not protected.

Types of Insurance for POV Shipping

Marine insurance – Specific to ocean transport, this insurance covers any damage that might occur to your vehicle during tis sea voyage.  It’s an essential consideration if your POV shipping involves any waterway.

  1. Total Loss insurance: This insurance type covers the total loss of your vehicle only. It’s much less expensive than other types of coverage but will only payout fi the vehicle is declared a complete loss.
  2. All-Risk Insurance: As the name suggests, this coverage protects against all potential damages, barring specific exclusions listed in the policy. For those looking for peace of mind, this comprehensive insurance option for POV shipping is highly recommended.

Determining the Right Coverage

When determining the type of insurance you need for POV shipping, consider the following factors:

  • Value of the Vehicle: For luxury or vintage cars, a comprehensive all-risk insurance might be the most suitable, given the higher repair or replacement costs.
  • Route and Destination: Certain routes or destinations might pose higher risks due to weather, piracy, or political instability. In such cases, ensure your insurance covers these specific challenges.
  • Existing Coverage: Before purchasing additional insurance, check with your current auto insurance provider. Sometimes policies include coverage for transport or offer additional riders for POV Shipping. For example, USAA typically has marine insurance included in their policies for service members.


Protecting one of your most valuable assets during transport is not just practical, it’s essential.  As the world of POV shipping continues to evolve, so do the associated risks and complexities.  Equip yourself with knowledge, understand your insurance options, and ensure that your vehicle remains safeguarded every step of the journey.  Here at MYSECONDPOV, we always offer our clients affordable marine insurance coverage and military car shipping.  After all, the peace of mind that comes with adequate coverage is priceless.

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