Motorcycle Shipping Tips: Three Things to Do Before Shipping Overseas


There’s nothing more exhilarating than opening the throttle and taking your motorcycle out on the open road — unless, of course, that  road is one you’ve never seen before. Your motorcycle is often the best way to explore another country because there’s nothing between you, the scenery, and the feeling of being out in the open. That’s why many motorcycle enthusiasts take their bikes with them when they travel overseas. However, a motorcycle isn’t exactly carry-on luggage, which means you need to understand the process of shipping your motorcycle overseas before you can take advantage of the freedom it will give you on your adventure.

Here are a few tips for international motorcycle shipping that will help get your bike to your destination safe and sound.


The best way to help ensure your bike doesn’t get damaged in transit is to remove anything extra and strip it down to the essentials. That means removing any saddle bags, mirrors, and anything else that might become loose or snagged on anything during the trip. By doing so, you’ll reduce the risk that your bike may be damaged while being shipped.


You have two main options when shipping your motorcycle overseas. You can have your bike crated, which means it essentially is packed in a container during shipping. Or, you can choose open shipping, which means your motorcycle will be strapped down but still exposed to the open air. The choice is yours, but typically crated shipping is better for motorcycles because it means there’s less chance that your motorcycle will be damaged by the elements during the trip. A lot can happen on the ocean, after all.


Not all auto transport companies are created equal, so when shipping your motorcycle overseas, be sure to do your homework. Always ask the shipping company how much experience it has with shipping motorcycles specifically, because they’re different than other vehicles or large items. Make sure you ask about the shipping company’s insurance and whether or not it is bonded and licensed. Also, be sure you get more than one quote so you can compare prices.

My Second POV understands what it takes to transport motorcycles safely overseas. If you’re preparing for an international deployment where you and your bike can enjoy the open road, contact us today to get a free quote.

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